The Pictowatch (Dutch: Beeldhorloge) - what is it?

The Pictowatch is a simple and effective solution for those living with the condition dyschrony, are unable to tell time or need assistance in the planning of everyday tasks.


The Pictowatch gives a digital display of a person’s activities during the day. Without figures or hands, it displays the time in an entirely new way, using icons and photos to represent each activity in the user’s daily routine. When the time comes for the user to perform a particular activity, the Pictowatch will beep and vibrate, and display the image for the appropriate activity. In this way users can be prompted, for instance, to brush their teeth, to go to bed or to go to work.





By means of a user-friendly scheduling program, accessible through the internet, the wearer or his parent or carer can prepare a daily schedule. The schedule is composed of icons that have been used successfully for many years by those caring for people with cognitive impairments. You can also add your own pictures. The wearer’s parent or carer can simply insert the icon or picture for the activity into the wearer’s daily schedule and, with the aid of mobile-phone technology, the schedule will then be displayed on the Pictowatch. This means that the watch does not have to be connected physically to the PC.



Besides helping to ease the practical day-to-day problems experienced by people who need help in planning, the Pictowatch offers another major advantage: by enabling the wearer to become more independent in judging the time required for his or her daily activities and in performing them, the level of assistance needed will decrease significantly. Consequently, carers will receive fewer requests for reassurance.


In future, the basic functionality may be expanded to include a whole new way of conducting time, pill or therapy checks, alerts when the wearer has fallen or needs emergency assistance, or a track-and-trace system for people who stray too far.

The Pictowatch - who is it for?
  • The primary user group is comprised of people living with a cognitive impairment.
  • The secondary user group is comprised of people in the early stages of dementia or living with Asperger’s syndrome, and children who have ADHD or ADD-related problems.


Several users sent us their feedback on the Pictowatch. Click on the thumbnails to watch their stories (Dutch spoken, English subtitled).




The Pictowatch- when will it be available?

The Pictowatch is currently available in The Netherlands. Other countries will follow soon in 2013. For more information, please fill in this form or call us at +31(0) 515 433 994.

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